Saturday, 19 February 2011

Echo antennae

Having a WordPress Blog based website for some time ( I thought it was time I had a proper live Blog.  Somewhere to post up thoughts, discoveries and interests outside of my folio and professional endeavours.  Obviously there will be some cross over, not the end of the world (that is another blog).  I have set up my BB to publish here so posts could come from anywhere…

The title image has fascinated me for years and encompasses a lot of interests I have, it neatly sums up some facets of mine.  It shows a Radio wave echo antennae (Hogg) used in the very early days of space exploration. Signals were bounced from orbiting and balloon satellites and the weak signals physically collected by the large horn device.  Further it has lovely acoustic connotations I could not resist, not withstanding the idea of an ear or horn to the universe both physical and electromagnetic

I have been and am fascinated with acoustics, music and psycho-acoustics so to tie this in with architecture is a boon, these structures come from the early days of WWII and predate and were quickly superseded by radar:


The combination of architecture, surveillance, history and acoustics is fascinating at Denge.  They also shout Star wars in their imposing and unearthly aspects, reminding me of both the look, colour and style of Lucas’ “used universe

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