Thursday, 8 March 2012

The Film Place; Buckingham UK: Digital Projector required.

I am heavily involved with TFP (TheFilmPlace) as consult in audio and projection as well as branding for this worth while local project.  Cleverly using the Buckingham University auditorium and projector as a second use Cinema it saves local people the near 20 mile trip to Milton Keynes to catch a film. No mean feat when you have multiple kids, dark A roads or older citizens to consider.  Further we will also be improving the venue acoustics and light levels in this round of work. Lots happening!

Currently I am being asked to assist with a big upgrade from a 4m screen to 7m width 16:9 and this will include a new projector.  We are looking at nearly new BARCO or similar but these are very large, heavy and require serious install considerations. However I know there are very good Panasonic/Sanyo pro type machines much lighter and simpler than the BARCO/CHRISTIE type gear.

Does anyone have an ex hire, ex show or defunct venture Digi projector available please? Minimum 7 to 8000 lumens and a contrast ratio better than 2000:1 minimum. Further we will be using HDMI/DVI.  I am assuming any such device would not need special thermal extraction and has a reliable and easily swappable bulb/filter set up.  Lens would need to be replaceable, changeable or able to project 7m width at 18m throw.


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Richard Grant